Area Heads / Studio Meeting Monday 12/12 6 PM

Hello everyone! As the year comes to an end, it’s time for another check in.

We will meet Monday 12/12 at 6 PM.

On the agenda:

  1. updates from each area - things have been changing (new equipment, moves, and electricity, oh my!)
  2. status of area leadership - particularly laser, 3d printing and craft
  3. open floor

@jody @brian.adams @BrianBaldwin @Heather @Vic_Reynaud @Clifford_Bohm @cafwood @Arialia @Greg

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I could lead 3D and/or Laser areas if needed.

Hi! As I understand it, I have been sort of heading the craft room but not an official area head. So it’s clear, I am happy to help out however needed going forward, but have no qualms with someone else heading that room.

@Evelyn fyi fir this weekend

I’ve been chatting with @Jimmy and @brian.adams about being an area manager. I will be at the meeting on Monday