Anyone want to learn to sew with me?

Hey guys!! I want to start making clothes, but I’ve never done it before so I’ll be learning from absolute zero. And since it’s more fun to fail in a group, I was wondering if any other sewing newbies wanted to learn with me?

(Folks with more experience are of course welcome too! I’m just trying to make a Failure-Friendly learning group :D)


I used to teach sewing classes, and wouldn’t mind sitting in once and a while :slight_smile:

Yes! I want to learn to use a sewing machine. :smiley:

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I’d like to learn sewing techniques with a machine (serger as well), in order to repair fabric items.


It sounds like you can talk to both @Evelyn and I about sewing machines. I am not an expert, by any means, but can introduce you to the operations. Some decades on home machines, short term factory sewing, and lots of hand work.

When do people want to get together and talk?

Ooh, yeah knowing how to use the serger would be awesome!! I’m restricted to open hours, but honestly any time within those would work for me!

I may be a little fuzzy on this, but I seem to remember the machine is a hemmer rather than a serger.

There are multiple machines there. One is a serger! I have done some hobby sewing projects and would love to sew with people if i’m available when this happens

This sounds great folks :slight_smile:

The space has an old mechanical Kenmore machine that’s a beast but seems to work well and a mechanical singer that works.

Both of these machines operate with the basic stitches (there might be additional discs around for the Kenmore but tbh I’m not entirely sure how those work)

There is indeed a serger in the space and seems to work well.

The blind stitch machine has not been cleaned or tested, but to be honest unless you’re making professional dress pants this wouldn’t usually get used. (This is the green machine attached to a table)

The white one on a table is a commerical straight stitch. These machines are a tad dangerous for a beginner to be on so please do not use this without both getting experience on a basic machine and getting checked out.

There is also a quilting machine, but it’s still getting repaired so that one is out of service for now.

I got a bit tied up with work stuff, but I’m hoping to do a bit of a video to help people get started on basic sewing machines. For now feel free to use YouTube to get going on the regular sewing machines, or an experienced sewer of course! I’m also around on Fridays if you need an extra hand.

A few safety things to be aware of if you’re a first time sewer:

  • the needle can catch fingers, keep them away from the needle when the machine is on - when changing needle and/or bobbin turn off the machine
    -use a perfect needle - do not use dull, broken, or bent needles - and use the right one for the job (universal will do well for most projects, but don’t use a ballpoint on something that requires a very sharp strong needle)
    -do not sew over pins - this and the previous rule can lead to breaking or shattering of sewing needles
    -the bobbin should only be wound by one continuous thread
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Are there bobbins for the commercial/factory machine? I recently looked at it briefly and didn’t see one at the winder on the side. These are set up to have one working and one rewinding. That may have been stripped off by the factory when they decided to cast it off.

Hey guys! I’m gonna be at the space tomorrow probably around noon, if anyone wants to join me! Im going to try to make a pattern from a shirt i have and recreate it >:D

Well, life happened and i might not make it at noon. Depending on a friend’s schedule i might make it at 1?? But possibly not, i dont know. Is anyone planning on actually coming for this today?

I don’t check this often enough, or I would have tried to be there :sweat_smile:
I have stuff going on this afternoon :confused:

This sounds interesting. I might give it a try if you do it again.

I have been known to enjoy group failure from time to time. Do you have a day and time in mind?

Hi im Todd. I usually work over in the black smity area. I have very limited machine skills but need to work on Larp costumes. I also have a coworker who knows how to sew that im talking to about getting a membership

Hey @ToddBuck , the open sewing isn’t currently happening. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I gave you misinformation