Anyone interested in a Homebrew club/group/gathering?

I was thinking there might be a collection of individuals in the space that are interested in the fermentation arts. Some that support, through their own efforts, the conversion of starches and sugars into tasty potables. If you are one of these intrepid individuals that might be interested in such a meeting of minds, please let your interest be known!

Cordially yours, Gary, brewer of beer, maker of mead.

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I’m curious, but not sure if I’d be a regular. Who’d have thunk that being retired would mean being this busy?

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I understand the ‘retirement is tiring’ contradiction.

I would love to see monthly meetings (I’m open to somewhat more frequent) and it doesn’t have to be at the space. Having it at the space would have to adhere to any restrictions placed upon the club. At the same time, “smell these new hops I bought”, would bring materials into the space. Brewing wort and taking it home might be allowed, but I believe consumption in the building is banned. Hence having to take some activities off site.

These things could be discussed here, or at a meeting to discuss meetings.

I’d be interested, I’ve made a few batches of beer, & helped with an all grain batch 1 time.

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I’m game. I used to be an avid Homebrewer . I have a grain mill and a lots of assorted equipment. I wouldn’t mind dipping my toe back in. We could make a batch of wort and split it up for people to take home and ferment. I was doing brew in a bag last time I did it. It’s a simplified all grain technique. I will be gone for a month but keep me posted . Thanks

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I’m excited to see where this goes

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I would love to learn how to make mead!

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Also interested! I grew up in a “remote” region of Washington state in the very fertile Skagit Valley, seasonally a very old man would come to the Med-Canna-CoOp I was a member of and ask for some labor coordination for fresh blackberries to be picked ((at the area an almost invasive species)) and in return ontop of a few bucks per big bucket we would receive a couple gallons. A great time of community. A untraditional/old-fashioned/homestead cooking/fermentation/broad range culinary group I think could be great with Michigans cherry heritage and apple I imagine most water/sugar based fruit/vegetables strive here…

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It looks like there is enough interest to start moving a bit more. I propose a meeting the evening of Thursday, 31 March. If there is a better time or date, chime in with that.

In the mean time, share some thoughts regarding:
How frequently should we meet?
What do you want out of the club(-ish thing)?
What size batches do you think you would like to make?
What styles, of what, interest you?
Are we interested in field trips and tours?
Is there equipment you have been thinking of making?

Any other thoughts?

Adventure in home brewing in Ann arbor is awesome. I would be up for a trip down there sometime. It’s a great home brew shop. They have everything. They used to have samples! I wonder if any brew pubs in the area would give us a back stage tour?

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@CBennett, that is the plan, to see if we can get the ‘special’ tours, local at first or at least a priority, then branch out from there. (Don’t think Vegas, baby.) Red Cedar Spirits regularly gives tours and although they are a distillery, they have to ferment first. We can quiz them about their wash procedures (wash for distillation as opposed to wort or must), then ask about their biofuel operation.

This is going to be cool.

Certainly, explain our numbers and interests. Even professionals get the cock eye when I explain “look I can run a 5x9 CNC I’ll just make that myself” I know brewers get a lot of lookieloo but if you think about it most “Makers” from the network are bordering on genius level qualities of knowledge not to mention a personal “professionalism” the wears well on a capable individual… I.E it’s very unlikely any of us would be unsafe enough to fall into a Vat lol…

I think most of the Master Brewers we would encounter started as homebrewers and understand the craftsmanship that others can also exude. Unless it’s a crazy busy moment, I think we should be well received.

Just a reminder.
The homebrewing meeting will be Thursday evening, March 31st. I plan to be there somewhat before 7pm.
Hope to see those who are interested then-ish.


Unfortunately? I’m not gonna make it this time but I’m very interested in this. Please keep me in the loop.

“Unfortunately”, is maybe not the best word in this context. Amazing view!

Anyone not making this one will be able hit the next, depending on vacations and the like. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time.

If you have a chance, stop in tonight and we can talk about brewing at home.

(Or making mead, cider, wine, and maybe more…)

Hey all,
Wondering if this conversation went anywhere. I am a casual homebrewer, and would love to chat with other brewers. I’ve got a batch of spruce tip pale ale going right now!
Side note, Capital City Homebrew Supply in Lansing hosts a monthly brewer meet-up and beer swap (at least they did pre-covid…)

The next meeting date hasn’t been set yet, though should be sometime soon (or will be as soon as someone proposes a date).

I saw a note on the board at Capital City that said their next meeting would be June 20th.

I’m waiting to see the new brew kettle to arrive before I plot my next moves. I do plan on making a wort chiller at the space so those interested have a chance to see one being made. Then on to a hefeweizen!