Anyone have a glass bottle cutter?

Hi! I have a ton of glass jars and containers that im hoping to give a second life, and I was wondering if anyone had a glass bottle cutter? I would only need it for an evening

We do have a glass cutter at the space, if that helps. It’s in crafts in the cabinets.

You would happen to know where it is exactly or what its by? I tried finding it yesterday and struck out😝 even if mot thanks for the. Kniwledge

Yes. It’s in the cabinet in crafts on the north wall (the same side as the full-access members’ door). Last time I saw it, it was in a small covered bin (blue grey, I think). Last time I saw it, I think there was a yellow-beige leather something folded on top of the bin. It’s a small red wheel cutter. I think there is a variety of copper foil in the same box. I’ll take a look for it today…it requires a bit of a rummage.