Anyone have a broken Fitbit charge 3?

Hey folks, I was repairing my Fitbit and I broke a tiny torx screw… If anyone has a Fitbit charge 3 or 4(maybe) they’re willing to part out or happen to know where to find these tiny screws I would appreciate it!!

I might have a screw small enough in the handle of my precision screwdriver. I should be in the space later tonight. You are welcome to check in the meantime, the case is in my tote. Its at the end of storage by the metal thing. Just dont drop the tote on your foot, its heavy

I have 6 philips +000 screws from a hard drive. I can drop them off whenever

I couldn’t find the exact screw size through the internets, but I think it is a 000 (measured width was 0.36in/.99ish mm)(Perhaps you already knew this haha) and the length including the head is 3.6mm. I definitely want to try it. Next time you’re at the space if you can leave them somewhere… Perhaps in a larger container haha, damn tiny screws…


Sure thing. Ill let you know when they are in the space