Anyone available to give a welding lesson?

Can someone give me a checkout teach me how to weld? I can bring materials to work with i just need to know what to get to practice with.

@Mike-L is the department manager for welding. If he’s not available, he should know someone who is

I am also interested in this!!
Any time next week would be great for me but whatever schedules work

I can do a checkout any time during open hours this week. Just be sure to wear cotton clothing for the checkout. Synthetic fibers are a safety hazard with any hot work

I’m free anytime on Saturday or Sunday. What works better for you?

Sunday at 10 am work for you?

Open hours are not till 12, but if the space is OK with me coming in at 10 I will be there. I do need to reup my membership so I’ll get that done after work tomorrow so I’m ready to go for Sunday.

12 works too.

Would I be able to tag along on this and get checked out on the tig welder?

I don’t mind, up to @Mike-L though, I am not sure about the logistics of the checkout.

@Mike-L I had something come up i need to tend to do l will need to reschedule this. Feel free to run it with @Moonrod. Sorry :disappointed: