Anybody want honey? Fundraiser

As you may know I have a few beehives. I bet a couple other members do too… I just did a little harvest and need to relocate the resultant honey. I think we should turn this into a fundraiser.

Here is the plan. I will bring in quart and pint mason jars of honey to the makerspace. I would prefer if you bring in an empty one to swap with the full one (otherwise I’ll run out of jars). You are on your honor, but there will be a donation cup. Local, untreated and unfiltered honey goes for about 7 to 10 dollars a pound. You decide what your donation will be. For reference, a pint of honey is about 1.5 pounds (maybe $10?), and a quart is 3 pounds (maybe $20)? Be generous - the entire proceeds go to the makerspace to be matched in the current fund raising effort.

The honey has a slightly higher water content than is ideal (bees can’t dry it as well when humidity is 100%…). It is on the edge, but it might spontaneously ferment. I’d suggest using this honey fairly quickly, and maybe keep it in the refrigerator. Or make mead out of it, I can provide recipes if you want them.

I have to get some yard work done to prepare for 500 yards (that is a lot) of dirt - give me a couple days. I’ll try to bring in honey by Saturday (7/24).


My spouse loves local fresh honey. Count me in!

Drop a comment when the jars are available and we can try to do a little more promo. And thanks for donating the proceeds to LMN, it’s a long way to $50k! :grin:


This is super cool! Thanks so much!

Count me in. I’ll gladly buy some honey (and make some mead).