Any makers use animal bones in their work?

Hi, I’m wondering by if anyone here has use for animal bones for their work? I know I’ve come across some artists in local pop up markets selling jewelry and art made with animal bones.

My dog killed a possum this week, and I feel so awful. I’m wondering if anyone could find use for the poor little critter so he didn’t die in vain?

If you don’t have the facilities to deal with a recent carcass, he did unfortunately kill one last year as well, that has been buried for a year and is likely to have decomposed down to mainly bones by then.

If no one is interested, I’ll bury this poor little fella too, but I’m hoping someone can make something of him.

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Thank you so much for sharing! Hopefully someone here could find a use for them. Maybe someone who works with our jewelry tools?

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure which area of the site to post in, please let me know if there’s somewhere that might be better for reaching people who might be interested!

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Looks perfect to me!