Another canoe in the shop

Hi all. I brought my wood canoe project into the shop recently. It’s located in the open area next to Charlie’s canoe.

I’ve been sanding (and sanding, and sanding) in preparation for fiberglassing. At Brian’s request, I put everything on castors, and I’ve been rolling it outside to sand to minimize the amount of dust inside. If it’s in your way, I don’t mind if you move it as needed. But I ask that you move it using the handles on the corner of the strongback (the table/structure supporting it) rather than by grabbing or pushing on the boat itself.

If you have a problem moving it, check the castors. They are the locking variety, and one or more may be locked.

I hope to be fiberglassing soon - with a week or so. I’ll post a note on the boat when the epoxy is wet.

Tony Kuhlman