Almost done, but need to use wood lath

The drover drill is about ready for testing but I will need to create a few more things to make in terms of mounting. I will need to make 5 thick( about 3" wide) wood rollers, and a stand which I may be able to make at home, though I would also be willing to use the band saw if I can be certified on it.(of course I’ve used a band saw before.). maybe I can get someone there to just do it for me as it dosn’t seem hard to do and I still have a little to do in the metal working end.

It isn’t clear to me exactly what you need, but I should have some time next week to help you get checked out on the wood lathe and bandsaw.

5" in diameter x 3" wide with a 1" x 1" groove on the inside and off center groove so that one wall is about 1/2" thick with the other wall being about 1.1/2". I will draw a picture if needed when I come in today.