AED at the makerspace

Our AED has arrived. It’s currently on the counter in the kitchenette, but @RealCarlRaymond is cooking up a plan to mount it with the rest of our first aid supplies (relocating them all to a more obvious location).

We’re also working on getting a training session (with like real CPR trainers) scheduled for anyone at the makerspace who’s interested. More details about that will be forthcoming.

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I’d like to thank the board for doing this. (I know I’m on the board but it was suggested while I was still in the hospital recovering…)

For those that don’t know, I’m happy to share my story. On October 15th I was playing ice hockey and collapsed between the second and third periods with a cardiac arrest. There were people on the bench with me that acted immediately and there was an AED at the ice rink. I was hooked up to the machine while they were giving me CPR. It had to shock me once. The machine and the fast acting teammates saved my life. If you see me at the space I’ll be happy to share all the details. If you have the opportunity to learn CPR, and how to use an AED (they are super simple to use), it’s worth the hour of your life for the training, I’m so lucky that the AED and people were around to help. Heros!



I’d be happy to take a CPR class. It’s been a more then a decade since my last one.

If we are doing a class at the Maker’s Space (or organized by LMN) I too would be happy to attend as it’s also been about 10 years since I last took one.

I also would like to get an updated AED/ CPR card because I’ve let my card lapse. If we can get class going here at Makers, that would be awesome.

Now that @RealCarlRaymond finished creating and installing the First Aid Box on the yellow post (looks AWESOME btw). I have one more suggestion.

The First Aid pole should have Emergency Lights on it like rhe one over the Entrance/Exit door to the Makerspace.IMG_20171112_223047|375x500

I stopped by this morning on my way to work, and wow. As usual @RealCarlRaymond, superb. Looks absolutely great.

The exit doors at the makerspace do have emergency lights on them (they’re required by code). Interesting idea to add one near the first aid station. Something to consider for sure.

Sry Brian, I meant LIKE the one over the Entrance/Exit door. Ugh… My phone likes to auto edit… Grrr. I updated my previous post.

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