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Introduce yourself and what you’re interested in here!

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Hi I’m Fred. I am interested in everything . . . litteraly . . . i have an extremely varied experiencd range due in part to my 20 years military service, 10 in long range radar (air defense) 10 in air force intelligence service (including 4 on special duty assignment on staff with the CIA) and 3 with Hughes technical service on contract to CIA, 7 with dart container as engineering technician/electronic repair and minor circuit design.

i also have a high interest in the sciences

I want to be checked out first on the lasar cutter, vinyl cutter (i have one at home) and 3d printer…

I have already read sop’s for the cutter and printer

My name is Craig and I am the new guy here just found out about the network. I am an import from Ohio (go bucks!) and creativity is part of me.

My past experiences include:
operating a cnc machine at a cabinet shop
I like to tinker…
certificates in autocad (r14 yes a looong time ago)
certificates in desktop publish and graphics design
new/remodeling residential construction trades.
I like to tinker…
20+ year wood carver specializing in decorative aquatic sculptures (wooden fish)
Long time hobby, FISHING!

Trying to establish a new company which is currently involved in the tabletop games industry making high quality metal and plastic dice, which has led me to LMN.
Did I mention I like to tinker?

I hope to make it to an open shop time to meet some of you folks and have some fun.

p.s. Thanks for being so close to my house!

Hello. My name is Joanie and I am interested in becoming a member, although things are complicated now with the pandemic. Can you please share info with me about joining and about reopening?

Hi I’m David. My wife and I both moved to Lansing the Sept before COVID shut everything down from Indianapolis. So now with things re-opening up it seems as though we are able to try all the things we wanted to once we were more settled - one being the LMS. My interest is predominately in the woodshop and laser cutter. However, I would love to grow my skills in metal work in conjunction with my woodworking skills.

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Welcome to the space, David! :partying_face: