About the Ideas & Suggestions category

This category is the place for collaboratively improving our space, our community or anything else we can work on together.

Topics in the category can be voted on as well. This helps us identify things that our community really want to be solved. Users have a limited number of votes they can cast (votes are reclaimed once a topic is closed). Click vote on the topics you really want to see us tackle.

Topic flavors

Proposed Solutions

These are posts looking for feedback or conversation. These topics behave just like any other topic on the talk site. Post, like, comments, and do the usual things you do to add to the conversation. A topic of this flavor might look like: “Can we create a time-travel area?”.

Crowdsourced Questions

These topics behave a little bit differently. Posts inside the topic can be voted or commented on (this is separate from the voting of topics in the category). Create a reply that suggests your proposed answer to the problem, and/or upvote another’s reply. Topics of this nature will have the #crowdsource tag on them. A topic of this flavor might looks like: “What should we do about storage?”

If you’re not sure which flavor your idea topic should be, just create it! The moderators will help massage it into the right flavor or format.