Abandoned items!


I’ll be sending out emails to everyone who I know has stuff in this pile, but if you see something there, come take care of it! I photographed everything that was put in this pile, and for those things that had a tag or otherwise I knew who’s it was, I’ll be sending out emails tomorrow. I’ve also included the individual shots of things I wasn’t sure who it belonged to.

Frankly, we’ve run out of room to continue sorting through stuff collected at the makerspace, so while you totally still have until January 1st to get stuff taken care of, please, help us out and clear things out sooner so we can keep going on cleaning things up and making space for more tools.


A couple of points of clarification on the clean out process we’re going through:

  1. If you have items with expired tags do not retag those items on the assumption they can stay there unless you’re actively using them in a project. Per the flowchart posted last week, that means you’re planning to use it within two weeks. Anything else must find it’s way out of the space.

  2. Items considered abandoned will be considered donations to the makerspace. They are not “free for all” items that anyone may use, nor will they become them. I don’t want there to be any concern that policing the expired tags policy is a way for anyone to acquire other people’s property. In that same vein, the makerspace doesn’t want to own your property we would very much prefer that it goes home with its rightful owner.

Remember: LMN is not a storage facility there are plenty of businesses that provide that service. We provide space for members to make things and provide limited (both in terms of time and amount) storage for members to complete their work.

Also, to be clear, the vast majority of members are awesome stewards of our community, and thank you for your help and support.

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