5/20-5/22 3D Printer Checkout Request

I’d love to get checked out on the 3D printer sometime soon. I can be available during most of the open hours.


Hey Lex, did this checkout happen already? If so, I’ll mark this post as resolved.

Nope I’m still hoping to have a checkout, though next weekend is also just fine.

Hey @jonahsmith , any chance you’d be able to run a 3D printer checkout for @Lex and @Jtempkin this Thursday evening?

@Jimmy I am back in town and would normally be happy to run a 3D printer checkout request but I am currently quarantining after just testing positive for COVID (on a related note I don’t think I will be attending my Friday volunteering shift again :frowning: )

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@Lex and @Jtempkin , wanna shoot for 6:00pm today? I have a CNC checkout I’ll be finishing just before, so may be a little late.

Sounds good, i will try to make it early if i can get out early

Sounds good, see you then!

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