3D Printing Time/Help Needed for PAPR Respirator Project

I see you’re all cranking out tons Prusa masks, which is great, but we have a different, related project that could really use some donated printer time too. My guess is the faceshields are getting caught up by now, and with Ford now shipping over 1 million shields, maybe some of you would care to diversify your portfolios into helping print some blowers and filter housings for our Open PAPR Respirator project…? We have completed the headgear design portion of the respirators and are focused on the powerpacks now. These are self Powered Air Purifying Respirators, that have the face shields integrated into them and are the safest devices available for our frontline workers.
We have one kinda janky printer cranking our 3M Versaflo inlet connectors, but could really use additional printer help printing the fan and filter housings.
If you have time and filament and would like to contribute to another open project, Please respond ASAP.

Here is our Open-Mask local project: https://open-mask.org/
Thank you! Bill Gonzalez & Mike Reish whizpupuk@gmail.com