3d printer checkout please

I’ve not seen a lot of requests for a 3d printer checkout. Can I request one and maybe a few others would like to attend as well. fairly open for any day the space is open.

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I’m interested in attending!

I’m also interested. I think @RealCarlRaymond does these checkouts.

@Jimmy can do these as well. I am working on being a future check out on them

@Arialia @JamesFriend What are your availabilities this coming weekend?

I’m free pretty much every day except Wednesday

Hi! I would also be interested in joining in if this hasn’t happened already!

Also open any time this weekend.

I’ll be at the space Friday for my shift and earlier in the day Sat or Sun work best. Thursday also works…
@Jimmy :eyes:

I would also like to attend! What day is it happening?

I would be interested in attending.

Let’s call it tomorrow at 2:30pm. Sorry for the wait everyone!

I am totally going to have to try and get in on this.
I have a very similar printer and have a lot of experience so feel this is a way I can eventuality give back to the space for all the knowledge and experience it has shared with me.
Also i need to print something slightly bigger then the print bed of my mini. :grin:

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Wont be able to come this time then, but Ill try to catch the next one!

Thanks Yall!

I will attend. Thank you.

Actually I got out of work early, should be there in 10 sorry!

Very cool, nice check out.