3D printer checkout, Fri 2/22/2019 @ 6:00p

Hello! Is anybody available to do a 3D printer checkout sometime soon? Week days after 5 happen to be the most convenient for me, but I’m flexible if others want to join.

I’d like start teaching myself how to design an print D&D miniatures, and I’m sure that others around would like to learn how the machine works as well.


How does Thurs or Friday after 5 work this week?

Say around 6:00?

We just cover how to take a design and make the printer print it in the checkout. Designing is a whole 'nother ball of wax. Check out the link below for some CAD/design tutorials.

Speaking of designing and printing D&D mini’s:

https://www.heroforge.com/ (it’s a pay site, but you can download your STL files after designing one) I tried to print one for a friend… it’s not easy, as the detail in the mini’s is better suited for SLA printers… but it is possible with LMN’s printer. I’ve seem some great examples.

As for tiles they are much easier to print and a good place to start while you’re learning 3d printing.

I printed some of these for a friend and it’s quite satisfying.

Could we make it Friday at 6:00, just to give others time to see it and decide if they want to come along?

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That works for me. Anyone else who’s interested, please RSVP here. We can probably easily accommodate up to 4 people.

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