3D Printer Check Out

Hi, would anyone be available to do a check out on the 3-D Printer. I could do weekdays around 6:30 or later, Saturday after 5:30 or anytime Sunday.


I’d be interested in tagging along for this one as well!


@Shelddav0 @Nick_Grover

Wanted to respond to this request. I would gladly give the check out on the 3d printer but I won’t be in this weekend.
I’ll check if someone else could help. Otherwise I’ll be available next weekend for this. Thanks , sorry for the delay.

Same thing goes for the laser cutter check out.


Thanks! Would Saturday evening work? Around 4:45-5?

@James_the_sparky just wanted to see if today at those times would still work?

Hey @Shelddav0 . I’ll be around all day today if you want to drop by for a PRUSA 3D printer checkout!