3D Printed Gear Shields for Tufting Gun

Howdy folks,

I’d appreciate it if someone could 3D print out a set of these at 15% for each of our two tufting guns (ideally in LMN red!)

The space has PLA filament that can be used for this project. If you need help locating it, let me know (or if you have any other questions, too!)


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@Jtempkin is this something you want to do?

Yeah, no problem. By 15% do you mean infill or scale? Let me know and i will do it this weekend

I do not know much about the part, but I am relatively confident Jimmy meant 15% infill. The tufting guns are not small tools so I doubt any exist which would be 7 times larger than ours

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Yes, 15% infill. My apologies!

Has this been taken care of? If not, I can slice them and print them tonight or tomorrow. Sorry @Jimmy they won’t be in LMN red…but you could always paint them if wanted.

A small collection, hopefully a lifetime supply