3d print long runs


Long run time prints.

Location of slicer software for printer

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pursa 3d printer

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Do we have a policy for long run time 3d prints. Does someone have to be present for the entire run?

What computer is the slicer software installed on?

Our policy is the same as it is for all the machines, they can’t be left running unattended. While the 3D printer doesn’t need to be hovered over, one has to remain at the space.

I’m not sure if we’ve installed the slicer on any of the LMN computers. Either me or @jody can tackle that.

The slicer software can be downloaded at the following link.

Yes thanks, i know that. But with out the config file it’s useless?

As long as you download the Prusa MK3 version of slic3r it’s the same version as we would install on our computers, has the profiles for the MK3 included in it and is perfectly useful.

I didnt get around to installing the software yesterday. I’ll do it next time I’m in. Sorry I didn’t get it done.

You mean the Slicer3r PE version of Slic3d. The issues i’m having is finding all the bits and pieces to make that work. PrusaControl is the dumbed down ver of that, i have that working now but I do not like it.

Yep, Slicer Prusa Edition for the MK3. Its what we’d download and install on the computers. (And what I’ve been using to slice). No extra files, no additional config.

Prusa control is indeed dumbed down, but does work very well FWIW.

Both are available at the link below under “Drivers”. Drivers is a misnomer for sure since you’re really only looking for the slicer with the profiles, but that’s what it’s packed in.

PrusaControl and Slic3r PE are installed on all of the design computers now.

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