24/7 membership

Hello! I am a retired tool and die/engineering/plastic mold maker. I am interested in a 24/7 membership for the time I plan to spend in Lansing with my daughter December through March. I live on the Minnesota/Ontario border and my interest for the past 7 years is working with silver and gold. I make rings, pendants and special jewelry projects. My question is…Can I bring my necessary tools and find a workbench to work on projects at your facility? I am also available to share skills, teach a class, volunteer, ect… My daughter works full time days at Sparrow and I seek a place where I can make used of my time… I’m educated, responsible and your workspace is very interesting to me.

Hey there!

I think your best bet is to stop by during open hours once you’re in town, see the space and chat with one of the volunteers about what you’re looking to do. The space is pretty accommodating to most peoples needs, but it’s best to chat in person if you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary (setting up a personal workspace, etc).

Hope to see you soon!