2024 Classes and Workshops?

Happy Saturday! I had my first visit to the Lansing Makers Network today and had a blast creating copper ornaments with Heather. When will the January Classes and Workshops be posted? I am looking at potentially gifting some for Christmas.


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When will the wine rack class be scheduled?

Good question, Gary. I’ve e-mailed Matt Rossi about scheduling something. The wood shop is busy with classes most Saturdays between now and Christmas. Would a Sunday work?

Gary, the short answer is “not soon”. There are few or no weekends open between now and the end of the year where the wood shop is not already scheduled on Saturday, and some days have 2 classes scheduled at the same time (oops). Plus, Matt told me that he would like to have some time to promote the class so we can get a good number of students. Add to this that I will not be available in January or February. So the next class would be in March at the earliest.

Hello Shawn,

I’ve also been gifting classes as Holiday presents, it is a lovely plan.

If you would like, we have an event coming up this Sunday called How-To Holiday were you can make gifts, or hand out tickets as early Christmas presents and let your people make their own.