2019 Pi Day Events

Thinking ahead. - Would anyone be interested in participating or sponsoring events for this coming 2019 Pi day. Thursday, March 14 2019. Since it is on a Thursday, I would recommend that it be only an Evening event. So I would suspect only a few hours.

Any idea or suggestion are welcome. Many Maker Spaces focus the “Raspberry Pi”. But it really could be any multiple of things. An R-Pi project, P-Pi class; An artwork celebrating the mathematical constant. Or just an excuse to eat a lot of Pie.

Would you (the members) be interested in or helping in the following:

  1. Show and Tell of your Pi Projects.
  2. Intro Raspberry Pi.
    What kind of intro would you be interested in?
    a) Basics for installing your own safe and secure Raspbian
    b) Demos of HAT’s or Shields, input/output, Neo-Pixels, Camera/Video
    or other stuff
  3. Is anyone up for cooking a Raspberry Pie
  4. Or group trip to GT to stand in line for some raspberry pi
    they are usually out by mid day and give out free Michigan ABC pie.
  5. order out for Pizza Pie.

FYI, usually for the month of March MicroCenter, sells Pi-Zero-W’s for $3.14. Note - the closest is just north of Detroit. But only one per purchase.