Woodworking Vice

Does the woodshop have a vice for one of the tables? for the life of me I couldn’t find one.
If not, can I build/install one?

There’s one on a table on the south wall, near my canoe. It took me awhile to find it as well, even though I’ve been working near it for months.

It does seem that one or two more might come in handy.

There’s also a small one near jewelry
I would also love to see more

Just messaged Jimmy about creating a volunteer task for this- I’ve seen a couple random vices laying around the woodshop that probably just need to be installed on a bench.

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Can you tell me again where the Google doc is for volunteer tasks…?:sweat_smile:

As far as I am concerned, it’s up to @cafwood as Woodshop Area Manager (if he has accepted the position…?) to determined where / if things get installed. Especially since he was the one who managed putting together those nice tables.

I can facilitate hunting down those vices, but would prefer to have them installed at Charlie’s discretion.

Agreed- at least one of the vices is in a Rubbermaid bin next to the cutoff/scrap box near the miter saw.

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Marking resolved as multiple vices have been installed.

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