Woodshop clean up

Last week after several of us cleaned up the woodshop I walked in to it a few days later. It was as mess with saw dust and wood on the floor and other places, I cleaned it up. A few days ago the same thing happened and it got cleaned up a second time. As you can see from a few photos this seems to have become a problem.

When I was a young child my father walked down in to the basement of our house where I had been working. He called me down to have a talk. Dad said to me, “The next time I see a mess like this you are not going to have anything to make a mess with or anyplace to make a mess. Nether me nor you Mother are going to clean up after you.”



I’ve certainly been frustrated by this happening, and I’ve also been guilty of it too.

It sucks to come into the shop excited to work on a project only to find that you need to clean up after someone before you can start. Leave it better than you found it needs to be our motto.

Thanks Gary for calling it out. It’s probably easy to think that saw dust left on the floor or on a table doesn’t impact anyone, but to those that have spent hours cleaning up its a bit of a slap in the face.

(Not implying anyone is being malicious, just suggesting we can do better.)

@Gary can you attach the shop layout drawing you shared at the first woodshop group meeting?

I’m trying to figure out piping layout for dust collection and how many blast gates and all that jazz and a drawing would be helpful to jog my memory.

Plus I figure some others might be interested to see it, so, two birds and all.