Woodshop checkout volunteer request


I’m looking to get a workshop checkout. I’m free Sundays and Thursday/Friday after 7:30

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@Jtempkin , would you mind listing your availability here if you’d like to jump in as well?

Sundays are usually good, Thursdays nights are good as well. I can also move things around if needed, i want to prioritize these.

I would like to get a woodshop checkout as well! Sundays are great for me, but Thursday after my shift works as well (after 6:30).

I would also like a woodshop checkout if it hasn’t happened yet. I am also available on Sunday.

@Arialia @Jtempkin @Daniel_Seggebruch

Let’s do a checkout Sunday the 29th at 2:00. As usual, anyone who would like to join us is welcome. No approval is necessary, but reply here so I’ll know you’re coming.

I’ll be there today!

I’ll be there ready to learn.

Works for me, I’ll see y’all then

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