Woodshop and/or 3d Printer Checkout

Is anyone available this Saturday AM or early afternoon for wood shop and/or 3D printer checkout?

@Tully, so sorry I didn’t see this this weekend. Any time this week that would work for you ?

@RealCarlRaymond can probably help out with checkouts as well. Between the two of us we’ll get you set up.

No problem at all. I’m available Wednesday evening after 5:30 and anytime Saturday morning. Let me know if either of these times work and thanks so much!

Are there particular tools in the woodshop that you’re looking to get checked out on?

I’ll plan on being at the space at 6:00p on Wednesday.

Yes, indeed. I didn’t notice this message! Sorry about that.

I’ll be at the shop this evening (from 8:00 pm), so if that works for you I can get you started in the wood shop or with the printer.

Whatever you’re willing and have time to check out with me. I don’t have any particular projects in mind yet.

Hi Carl, unfortunately, I’m not available tonight. Let me know some additional times you may be available for the 3d printer checkout. It looks like Brian and I will be able to connect on Wednesday for woodshop checkout.

Thank you both!