Wood Shop Tools Checkout Request

I’m new here. Thanks for everyone’s efforts in making this place a reality. I would like to start the process with going thru the check-out process on the wood shop tools (and also the CNC Wood Router). I can be available on most Thursday and Friday nights. Weekends are a little harder, but I can make it happen.

Thanks again,

If I just stopped by tonight would there be anyone available to check me out anything in the wood shop?

 Hi Dominic

First I would like to say welcome to the space. Are there any tools in particular that you are interested in today?

The table saw and radial arm saw/miter saw would be first on my list.

My window of opportunity for today is closed. And tomorrow night I have obligations. Same story on Saturday, most of the day. Sunday I could be free if anyone is free that day as well.

Unfortunately I have prior time commitments this weekend, but I will be available next week if you still need to be checked out by then

Thanks. I’ll let you know. Have a good weekend.

Are you going to be around the space anytime this week/weekend? If so, and you have the time I would love to stop by and get a few tools “checked out”.

I would like to get checked out on the table saw and miter saw if possible.

I will be there thursday and friday

If possible, I’d like to participate in these checkouts also

Will you have time to check me out on those? If so what time is most convenient for you?

@DominicWilbrink how Thursday evening for you, at 7:00? I can get you going on the table saw and miter saw.

@RealCarlRaymond Thanks. I’ll be there at 7:00. Looking forward to meeting you.

I’d love to join in on this too if that’s ok

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