Wood shop checkout

Looking to get checked out on thewood shoparea then start my membership.

I would love to join as well, if possible. :slight_smile:


Welcome to LMN. I can get you going in the wood shop. I always start with the table saw and miter saw, and then we can do some of the other tools, depending on what you’re interested in.

Would Tuesday evening at 7:00pm work for you both?

Anyone else who’d like to join us is welcome. No approval is necessary, but please reply here so I’ll know who to expect.

Tuesday won’t work for me this week but would work for me next week. Or I have availability any other night of the week/weekend this week. :slight_smile:

How about Thursday night at 7:00pm then? @Monica will that work for you?

Thursday works fine for me. Does this include the wood lathe, if so i will skip tomorrow checkout on that and do it all at once Thurdsday. Thanks.

Thursday at 7pm is great! Thank you, see you then. :slight_smile:

@Monica No, this won’t cover the wood lathe. I’m not the best turner in the shop!

So it looks like Thursday, 7:00PM is good. See you both then.

Sounds good, thanks.

Can I join in the Thursday woodshop checkout?

Certainly. I’ll see you tonight.

So sorry, I appreciate that you picked this day to accommodate me, but I had some things come up and will no longer be able to attend tonight.

OK. We’ll set up another time. Still on for the others.

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