Wood Bandsaw, router table, drill press checkout

Hi all,
Could we set up a checkout to do the following tools?

Wood bandsaw
Drill Press
Router table
oscillating spindle sander
scroll saw

thanks pete_49

Hey Pete, have you been able to get checked out on these tools? If not, which ones do you still need?

Seems both @pete_49 and I have nearly the same check out requests. A more bang for the buck possibly.

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Hi Jimmy,
I haven’t been checked out yet, no worries.
I still would like to be checked out on the listed tools. I have a project coming up that I would love to do at LMN. But would need the use of those tools to complete it.

Thanks pete_49

I forgot to mention availability, I’m open the next few weeks during open hours.

If I can tag along on this, my schedule is very open and otherwise flexible.

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I would also like to be tagged

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Sorry for not getting back quicker. How would Thursday evening at 7:00 be?

Sounds good to me. I will there.

No worries, I’ll see you on thrusday.

If possible, I would also like to add table saw, miter saw, and Brad nailer.

@GaryB I don’t know if we can get to all that today, but we’ll see how far we can go.

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