Welding or welding instruction

I want to weld some nuts on pieces of threaded rod. The problem–I don’t know how to weld. Is there anyone willing to teach me or to weld them for pay?

What time of day are you available?
I am not a welder my self by and standard.
The welder at LMN is a flux core welder low end we should be able to get the job between us.

My schedule is pretty flexible this week. There are times I could be there each day. How does your schedule look?

Charles I’m retired I live in the land of Hakuna Matata no hurries no worries.
I get up when I wake up I usually wake up around 9 ish start working on various things by maybe noon. But I’m flexible so take your time the most common works for you

I love text to speach. Pick a time that works best for you.

How about noon tomorrow?

Sure let’s see what kind of mess we can make. I have a welding project as well so we can make a good size mess. I normally work in smithy are forging and shapping metal. We will have some fun

OK. I’ll see you then.

Make sure you wear long sleeve shirts pants and shoes that do not contain synthetic material preferably cotton and leather . We have the help the welding helmet there and gloves

It was brought to my attention that I was not supposed to use the welder at this time. So untill we are advised otherwise LMN does not support welding projects.
Sorry I was not aware of the policy.