Welding checkout

Could someone help me out with a welding checkout? During the day Saturday, or Monday/Tuesday evening?

There will be an Intermediate Blacksmithing - Knife class at 10:00AM - 2:PM. I can do a welding check out. After the class

You can take a look at the current SOP
How to Use the Hobart Handler® 140 MIG Welder and Check out process


And get a head start

Which day will this be?

Saturday the 5th of March

Ty! I’ll read the dozuki ASAP. I welded semi often about two decades ago, pretty sure I’ve forgotten everything

Turns out I can’t make Saturday though :confused:

Hi Bobby,
I’m still waiting on my schedule to clear for Saturday, but if it does, would you be willing to check me out on the welder? I should know for sure by tomorrow.

I am not aware of a plasma cutter available at the space. Even if is would requre an air compress to operate and a SOP recreated. So don’t at this time…

I will be there after class end this Saturday 2PM.

thanks Bobby
I’ll try and make it. I read the welding manual you suggested, but I’m waiting for a “go”, “no go” answer for a previous event I might have to attend… but i’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Thanks again.

Good News! I’ll see you on Saturday @ 2pm… can’t wait to actually weld something!

Do you still want a checkout on the welder?
I will be in on Saturday to assist with Blacksmithing Hook class 10AM-1PM and Sunday for open Forge for Blacksmithing 3PM-7PM.

Thank you!
My volunteer shift starts at 2:30 in Sundays. How much sooner should I show up for a welding checkout?

I would be interested in getting checked out as well, though I need to leave by 1:40 on Sunday, so perhaps I can hop in on a different checkout since it looks like that doesn’t overlap with Evelyn.
If anyone else is interested for this Saturday and you’re willing to do 2 checkouts in a weekend, I’m available all afternoon.

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I will be in on Sunday at 1 PM to assist with welding area check outs for those request welding check. Please read the online manual contained in this message thread.

Forgot about daylight savings. Should be there at 1, but might bea minute or three late

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