Wanted: photos and quotes to wow Patronicity and MEDC

I’m working on a report to Patronicity and the MEDC about our Make the Move campaign — the funds that allowed us to move into the Alpha Access location — and I want to show them how big of an improvement the new space is.

Patronicity would like high-resolution before and after photos to accompany the report. Here’s some things I could use some help gathering:

  • High-quality before (both the old space and the empty new space) and current photos of the space (the higher resolution the better)
  • Photos of the community using the space
  • Activities and events that have taken place at the new location
  • Future plans or possibilities that you’re excited about
  • Quotes about the new space, volunteers, location, classes, or anything else related to the new space

If you’ve seen photos that you think would effectively show how small and limited our old space was and how spacious and full of people our new space is, please post them here or email them to erik.gillespie@gmail.com.

I would absolutely love quotes and brain-dumps of fun info about the new space, volunteers, and membership as well.

Thank you so much! :heart:


Bumping this for attention! Also suggest looking through past class report cards for quotes and feedback on record. Screenshots of talk site comments too!

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Here are some photos from blacksmithing.

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Whats the timeline when you need photos/quotes by? Was anyone able to grab a photo of the potluck? I’m taking the electronics intro class this thursday so maybe I can ask the instructor if I can take some photos.



I have until 5:00 on Friday to send the final report, photos, and budget. Any pictures of people using tools in the biggest area of the space would be phenomenal!