Wanted: Junk for kids take-apart event (Bennett Woods Science Night)

We’ll be running the take-apart table again at Science Night on Februrary 16, and as usual I’m eager to find good stuff to take apart. If you have something appropriate you want to donate, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.
The school will have plenty of computers, so those won’t be needed. And no displays of any kind; CRTs are hazardous, and flat screens are very hard to get into, and quickly lead to smashing.

A good item is openable, with visible screws the kids can find without help, and has something interesting inside, aside from just a circuit board. If you’ve been around LMN for a few years, you know what the holy grail is: a VCR. Or a cassette recorder, or a radio with a tuning dial, or something of similar vintage. These are all getting hard to find, of course.

If you’ve got something you can part with, please bring it in. I’ll put a labeled storage tote in the Electronics area. The kids and I thank you!

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Someone is volunteering their dishwasher for this event. It still works. They could drop it off too the space. Would this be something you’d want?

That’s a little too big for this event. But the heart is in the right place.

I dropped off three VCRs! I wasn’t sure where the donation bin was, so I scribbled on a price of paper to point them out in the electronics lab