Wanted: Action shots of the Lansing Makerspace

In order to launch a fundraiser on Patronicity, we need pictures and a video about LMN, but since the current space is closed, recording something new is tricky!

If you have photos or videos of the space, please send them to Sarah Geurkink (sarah.geurkink@gmail.com).

Colorful action shots of people using tools, running workshops, or enjoying the space would really help us show what’s at the heart of LMN (you). If you’re unsure, send them anyway — it’s better for us to have too many to pick from than not enough.

:heart: Thanks!

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I’m happy to share pics and photos - I have several. Is there a Dropbox I can use vs email? Some of the videos and pictures are quite large. Thanks!!


Was hoping to do this, but turns out I can only make a 2GB one :pensive:

@kmcpherson44, if you have a Gmail account, email me at erik.gillespie@gmail.com — I can try adding you to a Google Drive where you can upload the files.

Is a link to my Google Drive folder LMN Images 2021 associated with multiple blacksmithing classes ran at LMN take your pick as will be adding to the folder as go to my archives

Bobby A

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Thanks, Bobby! I’ll see if I can put those in the shared drive where we’re collecting photos and if not, I’ll make a note to include your shared folder in our pool of photos and videos to choose from. :grin: