Volunteers wanted for Winter Fest (Coming SOON: Sat. Feb 27)

@SpaceForce and anyone interested,

A last-minute opportunity has come up for us: WinterFest at Impression 5 in downtown Lansing. It’s this Saturday, Feb. 27, so we need to put this together quickly.

It’s an outdoor, COVID-safe event in the Impression 5 parking lot. We’ll have a 8ftx6ft table. Normally we’d do a make-and-take activity, but with COVID, that’s harder. We’ll pass out pre-made or still-in-bag blinky badges that we have used at How-To Halloween and other events. Assembling them in cold weather with COVID seems impractical. (This is contingent on us actually having enough of these in stock.)

It’s also an opportunity for us to do some fundraising, by selling T-shirts, cutting boards, and other merchandise that we have.

We’ll also try to bring Gigantris and other attractions – anything fun we can bring that’s not a COVID hazard.

We’re open to suggestions, as well.

We need some volunteers to staff the table for the day. It’s a 6-hour event, open from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Volunteers need to be there at 9:30am, and we should be packed up by 4:30pm. A few of us will be there earlier to unload and set up the big things.

We need some full-day or half-day volunteers. Impression 5 will be providing lunch and snacks for volunteers!

I’ll be there all day. If you’d like to join us, please respond here, and say whether you want to do the full day or half day. If you have ideas for the event, we’re wide open to suggestions.

Of course this is very last-minute, and we apologize for that! But if you’re itching to get out of the house for a bit and see some of your LMN friends again, this is your chance!

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I will go to My home forge and make some hooks for a fundraiser for LMN. I would suggest asking for donation of $5-$10. I will begin making them Thursday afternoon. If LMN cancels the event let me know. I will still make them for LMN as fundraiser to use as maybe determined by LMN board or anyone that is in charge of such things.

@RealCarlRaymond I’ll be there. All day. Do we have a tent, is there power can I bring a printer? Haha. But really I would if you or anyone else didn’t mind. I’ll pick up an enclosure to try to handle temperature issues. Let me know. Want to direct message me your phone number?

I can help out until noon.

I’m available in the afternoon to help. I can come by noon, and take over when Conanh leaves. I can stay until 4, and help tear down.


I think we’ve got a good crew now. We have 3 all-day and a morning and afternoon split. We should be in good shape.

Does anyone have any dietary restrictions? They’re asking for the lunch and snack order.

We won’t have a tent. We’ll be outside, weather permitting. If weather doesn’t permit, the event will be called off. So dress appropriately.

Many thanks!

I have some hooks and a rose that the LMN can use to fundraiser or anyway LMN may like! Picture attached. Just need to know that some is at the space or how you would like to receive the items.


Very nice! I’m at the space now getting things together. Can you come by? I’ll be here a while longer.

On my way see you shortly

We’re should be in good shape. Charlie has Gigantris in his van, and everything else is loaded in my car. We’ve got blinkies and Jody’s excellent laser-cut robots for giveaways, and we have lots of maker merchandise to move.

I’m planning to be there a little before 9:30 to unload.

We’ve got me, Brian, James, Conan and Tony at the table.

Well how did it go did you have a good turn out? First one of 2021.

It was a pretty good event. It was little cold and wet in the morning but it got much nicer through the day, and there was a good size crowd. James had his 3D printer making keyfobs and ear savers, and Jody made us a bunch of his new LMN robot mascots (who really needs a name) on his home laser cutter. The giveaways were popular, we made a small number of sales, and talked to lots and lots of people.

Many thanks to Jody, Bobby, Charlie, James, Conan, and Tony for making it work. It sure felt good to be back in the game.


I agree that it was nice to participate in an event. I look forward to more outdoor events with spring on the way. And hopefully the space opening back up when it’s safer to do so. I miss the community. And the laser. :joy:

Carl, I suggest we call them “woodbots”.