Urgent: Need Volunteers to Move LMN August 20-22

Hello everyone! The time has finally come for LMN to move from our current space at St. Joseph to our newer, bigger, better space at Alpha Access Drive. We need all the help we can get to make this go smoothly.

Our moving dates are next weekend, August 20-22. We will need people all three days for shifts of four hours each. Our schedule will be as follows:

Friday: Staging the move: 1-6
Saturday: Moving items from the current space to the new one: 9-1 (Lunch break) 2-6
Sunday: Unpacking stuff at the new space: 9-1 (lunch break) 2-6.

To sign up for a spot, please follow this link: LMN Moving Day Help

If you can come for the whole day, we’ll be willing to give you a free month of membership to say thank you for the time and commitment to LMN. We’ll also provide lunch.

Many of you have been volunteering your time and energy to help prepare the new space, and we thank you all. Seriously, the support for this move has been amazing. We’re almost there.

Ping me, @Jimmy or @Danielle if you have any questions.

EDIT: I was incorrect in the original post about the times for Friday. We’ll be starting closer to 1:00 on that day.

Hi Matt,
I had sent a follow up message to Jimmy about the morning shift sign-up being missing on the 20th. I signed up for Friday afternoon and for all day on Saturday, but I didn’t find the morning shift on Friday. He sent back a reply that he believed there wasn’t a sign-up, but that didn’t really jive with your message. I believe for clarity, a sign up for Friday morning should be added or something written to clarify the lack of one being available.
Thanks for reading my normally incoherent message!
P.S. See you at 9am on the 20th!

Hey Lou. Danielle messaged me earlier today to clarify that the morning shift should just be for area managers, so that they can develop a plan for the afternoon. So I removed the morning shift for sign up.

I need to update that in the message posted and just haven’t had a chance to do that today. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll see you instead at 1:00 on the 20th!

Thanks for the update Matt!

Thanks to everyone who has signed up! Including Lou who was the first to do it! :grin:

We could still use many more volunteers!

Saturday and Sunday are pretty well booked for me. I hope/plan to be there Friday afternoon. Is there anything I can bring?

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Hey Tony, glad to have you today! I think we’re ok for supplies.

Hey everyone! Lots for done, but still more to go! Come by the space at St Joe’s to help get the rest over to alpha!