Town Hall on Monday, May 3rd at 7 pm

It’s gonna be May and that means our first town hall of the month is coming up. On Monday at 7 pm on Zoom to be precise!

One way you can really help right now is to record a short video saying “I’m a Maker”. We’d like to put a big montage of these in our upcoming fundraiser video.

We’re also still looking for companies and people we can contact ahead of or during the fundraiser to both help spread the word and donate. If you have ideas, please let us know about them!

See you Monday!

Zoom Details

Topic: LMN Town Hall on Zoom
Time: May 3, 2021, at 7:00 pm Eastern

Meeting ID: 945 1613 5818
Passcode: LMN

I remember we talked about needing someone to make Canva images, but did we have a list of what images we needed exactly? (e.g. facebook event cover photo, instagram post announcement, email card etc.)

If there’s a bounty list I can work on, I can try to poke at it this weekend. Otherwise, I’ll ask people on Monday!

And uh, for anyone to comment on (here or at the meeting!), this is something I made as a draft cover photo. Let me know what works / what doesn’t / if I should make more along these lines.

That looks pretty dang good, @Jimmy! I think we wanted banners for Facebook and Twitter as well as sizes that work well for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

Once the fundraiser is approved, we’ll probably want to put the link to the donation page on the image as well.

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Reminder that we’re having a town hall tonight at 7 pm. Hope to see you there! :grin: