Town Hall on Monday, April 12 at 7 pm

Hi everyone, we received some great ideas and enthusiasm over the past week. I’ll put them together and we’ll have another weekly Town Hall on Monday to talk about them, the status of the fundraiser, and field any new questions.

As a reminder, we’re looking for the following:

  • Video and action shots of people using the space
  • Pledges to donate to the fundraiser when it goes live
  • Contacts for businesses or well-known folks who may donate or share the fundraiser
  • A graphic designer who can create some banners to share on social media

Join us on Monday, April 12th at 7 pm on Zoom or comment below if you’d like to help but can’t attend!

Zoom Details

Topic: LMN Town Hall on Zoom
Time: April 12, 2021, at 7:00 pm Eastern

Meeting ID: 945 1613 5818
Passcode: LMN

Reminder that we’re having a town hall tonight. If you have fundraiser ideas or want to help, please join!

Hello all, here’s a recap of last night’s town hall:

  1. We have nearly $20,000 in verbal pledges for the fundraiser!!! We would still need to reach a minimum of $50,000 to get the MEDC match so if you would like to verbally pledge a donation, some or all of a stimulus check or tax refund, please let us know. Every little bit counts!

  2. We want testimonials about Lansing Makers Network. If you’d like to record a short interview to share how LMN has served you, please let us know. We’d like to share these on the fundraiser video and social media to show how impactful LMN has been for Lansing.

  3. Much time was spent planning thank-you rewards for the various donation levels. There were some really creative ideas like mystery boxes, beta testing new classes, pins/magnets, and LMN-made t-shirts. We want to do all of these, whether for the fundraiser or some other time down the road, but physical gifts that dip into LMN’s time/budget may be discouraged on the fundraiser. We’ll follow up on this.

I’ll plan on posting separate threads about some of the things we need to get the fundraiser approved and off to a good start. Please keep an eye out!

Also, we’re still looking for corporate sponsors. If you know of any, or have ideas of companies that may share the fundraiser or contribute to it, please let us know so we can build a big donor list to contact.

Thanks to everyone who attended and thank you to everyone helping out. We really appreciate your much-needed help! :heart:

I‘d like to suggest:
if you have so much space in the new building, some folks might want to rent areas with more space to work on and store larger projects.

I’d rent a large space and pay in advance. That money can be part of the fundraiser, since it enables you to move ahead?!?

517 775 7171

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Hi Henry, I’ll let the board know you’re interested in doing this. Renting parts of the space is something we’ve considered but haven’t finalized anything yet.

I don’t think payment for renting a space would count toward the MEDC 1:1 match for the fundraiser though because it’s not a donation if you are receiving something of value in return. I could be wrong though, so I’ll run this by the board as well.

Thanks for the suggestion and interest. Your ideas will definitely help inform what we do with the space if/when we get in there. :slight_smile: