This Week in LMN - 10/15/2021

Howdy folks. Here once again to report on the goings-on from this past week!

A New Tool Looms
Master Tool Acquisitioner @Danielle has picked up a loom for the crafts area! So far, nobody is much of an expert in how it’s used. But we’ll be working on getting a checkout set up for it asap!

Tuft Enough
Wait… could it be? ANOTHER new tool? @Jimmy (that’s me) has left a cut-pile tufting gun in the crafts room as well! For those unfamiliar, this is a relatively new-to-consumers device that helps you make decorative rugs a lot faster than otherwise. I am personally very excited about it!

A Tankless Gift
@brian.adams has given the break room a major upgrade- a new tankless water cooler! Hooked straight up to a water line to give you infinite hot or cold or room temperature water. It’s very nice, and very refreshing!

Wide Open Spaces
A huge portion of the back room has been cleared, so blacksmithing will finally get the chance to spread out! Hopefully this means we’ll be able to set up our welding station soon as well!

The Fashion Fiber Festival - East Lansing
Saturday, October 16th (that’s tomorrow!) from 10:00am - 7:00pm, LMN will have a table at the first annual Fashion Fiber Festival in East Lansing. This event is being put on by Seams Fabric and Woven Art. Here’s a link to the event page!

That’s what I’ve got for this week. If you have something to add, drop it in below!

One other thing: Classes have been posted on our Eventbrite! Be sure to check them out… There’s been a lot of people waiting for these, so they may fill up fast!

Ooh… One MORE thing. We’re going to start opening on Thursdays again next week.