This Week in LMN - 10/08/2021

Hey all, I’m here to update you with some of the goings-on from this past week!

A Wheel Big Deal
@Danielle has just helped us acquired a new (very old) spinning wheel for our Crafts room! Now anyone who wants to turn some cotton and wool into yarn or thread can do so right in our space! We’re closer and closer to vertical integration every day.

Lawn, and Shorter
@Tony came by and trimmed our lawn for us this week! While we’re still figuring out some new operational routines, it’s a big help to have members and volunteers step up to take care of our maintenance needs. So thank you to Tony, and for everyone else who’s been helping get our new space in order!

A Turn for the Better
@cafwood has just confirmed that our new wood lathe is operational! If you’re interested in getting checked out on it, there’s a current thread right here. Thank you Charlie!

Make it Classy
Classes will resume October 23rd! @Rossi.Bossi and our numerous instructors have been working hard to get classes back on our calendar, and it’s finally paid off! It may take another couple of days for classes to show on our calender and Eventbrite, but I’ll update this thread once I know that they’re up.

That’s what I’ve got! If you have any updates that I missed, please comment them below! Thanks all!

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