Thickness planer out of order


Affected Tool or Resource: Thickness planer in wood shop

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The planer is out of order. The fan shroud, where the vacuum hose connects, has broken into multiple pieces. Unfortunately, a replacement is no longer available. We’re down to epoxy and hope. I’ve got the part glued up, but it’s going to need a good night’s sleep. It broke on some stress points, so I’m not entirely optimistic on the epoxy holding permanently. But I’m not ruling out a holiday miracle.

Without this part, the planer will spew shavings everywhere; so it’s a fairly important part to have. If the repair fails, we’ll have to figure out how to make our own replacement.

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider volunteering to help keep everything working well at our space!

Update on the planer: it’s still out of order for a few more days, but for a new reason. The glue up on the duct seems successful; however, the belt that runs the sawdust exhaust fan is too stretched out to run the machine. It pops off in seconds. Then the sawdust quickly clogs up the cutterhead.

I ordered us a replacement, and it should be here in a few days.

When I ordered parts for this before, I had to order them from Grizzly… they have a nearly identical planer there (some minor differences) but much of the unit shares parts.

I think the part that you epoxied you’re talking about is P0689027 which I think they still have. The only thing I couldn’t get from them was the handle for cranking it up and down,

The belts I had ordered in the past from ebay about $6 each

Good to know! It does look like the same model.

The planer is back in business. Yesterday we found the cause of the belt coming off in no time: bad bearings on a shaft that allowed it to wobble. We pressed on some new bearings, and the belt is staying in place.

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