The Ultimate To Do List

Hey all,

If anyone is wondering what needs done in the space, I have gathered as many items I could think of big and small. I can give starting points on all these items, but a lot will likely require self direction. Also I’m going to break them into categories because I filled 2 pages of items haha.

Things that are important for functionality and safety within the space:

  • Mount hydraulic door closer on entry in crafts
  • network line dropped for phone at back of shop
  • remove old first aid and eyewash and mount ours
  • mount first aid in back

Small(ish) tasks:

  • Clean out old hand sanitizer in the stands (there’s fruit flies in them) and put in fresh santizer
  • organize cupboards beside front desk
  • attach floor cupboards to wall in crafts
  • fix dishwasher draining issue
  • paint front desk
  • tidy up and organize front admin area
  • find all of Erik’s folding chairs and gather them
  • mount info TV somewhere in the front
  • make a building number sign and put it in front of building or in the window
  • clean bathroom in hall
  • hang lighted sign in window
  • set up vinyl cutter in 3D printing
  • take boxes to recycling
  • set up parking pass station
  • lightbulbs changed in all bathrooms
  • mount fire extinguisher between crafts and electronics
  • mount job board somewhere in the front where people will always see it
  • mount the first aid signage
  • put out some tables for work areas
  • create map with emergency exits and first aid locations
  • put up exit signs above doors that are emergency exits
  • mount broom holders in several easy to see locations
  • move and set up display cabinet in front area
  • create emergency info sign (dial 911, our address is… etc)

Big(ger) Tasks

  • build a cube cupboard in crafts
  • remove south shelves from front back office and put desk inside
  • create earplug stand and mount earplug dispenser
  • create sign stands (for various safety and direction signs)
  • create some workshop tables X3 (like “Brians Table”)
  • mount internet access points in shop (the ones with magnets on them)
  • find hand tools and put them on the rack
  • attach some kind of spraying hose and attachment to basin sink
  • create large light switch signs
  • make metal frame for storing outreach games on south shop wall
  • create/find/assemble printer shelves in design lab (designed so printers stack vertically)
  • finish building member storage (Tony has done an amazing job with the first set! but let’s not let him have all the fun!)
  • build/find/assemble utility storage
  • build/find/assemble electronics storage (might have to consult with Carl)
  • attach dust extractors to dusty machines
  • CNC prep/assemble
  • unload scrap wood into storage frame (consult Carl about location)
  • take garbage out to dumpster (try to do it in the best packable fashion, dumpster arrives Friday(10th))
  • make LMN sign for the yard
  • replace paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser
  • build work tables for crafts (Danielle has a design in mind)

Please note some of these projects are big! If you would simply like to take the lead on gathering people to do it that would be great!! Also if there’s materials you need to get the job done let me know and I’ll work on getting them.

Alright folks! sorry about the giant post!! I’ll cross things off as they get done :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of coming in sometime this weekend to work on more shelves. Anyone interested in meeting there to help work on this? I’m available most of the open hours, except Sunday around lunch time.

Also - is there a plan to put member storage shelves in the south bay/wood shop area? Got 10-15’ of open wall space to dedicate to this?

Hey Tony, I’ll be there for the first shift on Saturday so I can help then, but I’ll be watching the door as well until after my shift is done (2:30) :).

Also, as far as I know right now there isn’t plan for storage on the south side, but I could see expansion there possible.

Thanks, Danielle. I should be there today early this afternoon - maybe around 1 or 1:30.

Hey all, I added a note about just taking the lead on the projects. You don’t have to do these things by yourself! Please feel free to gather people to help and just let me know how I can help!

I filled my truck up with all the cardboard that was sitting by the bay door and took it to recycling today. I also found two boxes of tools for the hand tool station and put them on the pegboard cart. I suspect there is one more box of hand tools that I couldn’t find. There are 8 to 10 boxes of Maker magazines and how to books that came with us from the old building but we threw out the bookcases for the books and magazines when we moved. I would be happy to either build or put together some new cases once a decision is made about where the books and magazines will go. Also, I plan to dedicate a few hours next weekend to help with to do list items so if anyone needs help with a project I can provide an extra set of hands. - Greg

Awesome thanks Greg!!!

Hello Danielle!
It was nice meeting you today. Thanks for your friendly introduction and tour of the new facility. I can do cable drops, organizing, recycling pick up, sign design, and some of these other things. Do I just come by sometime during open hours and start on this list?

Can anyone tell me something about the dishwasher drain problem that’s on the to do list? I’m replacing the dish washer in my house right now, and remembered that something similar was on the job list. I’ll take a look at it this weekend if possible, while I have this sort of plumbing issue fresh in my mind.

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The dishwasher doesn’t clear out the dirty water after a wash. I tried to check for clogs but I didn’t see anything obvious.

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Hey folks,

I’ll be in before opening on Friday (24th) to tackle some to do list items. Feel free to join if there’s anything you’re eyeing or of there’s one you need help doing.

I cleaned the hallway urinal and bidet bathrooms tonight, so that can be marked off the list.



Thanks Andy!! Great!

Since it seems like most of these have been completed and a lot has changed since this post was made, I’m going to mark as closed. If there were any items missed that we still want, they can be re-made as individual Volunteer Tasks posts.

Thanks all!

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