The big move push

So this week will be the big push to get ready for moving weekend. They’ll likely be people working at either space pretty much all week doing various thing. We’re going to be working hard to keep everyone updated on talk. If you find yourself with a few hours to spare (or more…. more is always ok… :slight_smile: ) you can join the Signal group we’ve created for just this purpose.

Follow the link below and install/sign up for signal and give a shout saying “i’ve got some time, who needs my help?” (Don’t sorry if it’s seems like no one’s chatting… signal doesn’t show old messages to new group members).

Things I know are happening at the moment:
This Sunday (tomorrow the 15th):

At Alpha Access space: start of the clean up. There’s rug doctoring, vacuuming window cleaning and all sorts of other tasks to do. Also @Danielle is taking a much earned break tomorrow, but there’s still one wall to finish painting in the craft area. Joe and I will likely be toning out network runs in preparation for wifi install this week as well.

At the St Joe space, packing will certainly be continuing unabated.

Next week I’ll be installing exit hardware on all the doors and preparing them for access control.

Others with tasks planned feel free to chime in!

And last but certainly not least, THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS for everyone that has lent your hands to this process so far. It’s so great to get to see everyone and work with them again after so long!!!

Questions hit me up here or in the signal group.

  • Brian

There’s a physical task board at the Alpha location now!

If you want to drop by this week to pick up a task, please do. The new space is looking SO GOOOOD and you should stop by even if only to see how glorious it’s becoming. :blush: