Survey for Members

Hello all.
@brian.adams and I have been working with a class at MSU all about how spaces like ours connect with the community. The class has consisted of students from two different colleges all of whom have been really excited to learn more about what we do and think of ways we can be a deeper part of the Lansing community.

To that end, they’ve been working on a larger project related to helping us clarify our future vision from the space, and they could use your help. The students prepared this survey to learn more about our members and your needs. If you have a chance, would you mind filling it out, so they can continue developing their project?

Please take this survey!

Their survey is a little messy. Do they want any feedback on that?
And should I spam other makers with this survey?

I’m not sure if they want feedback on their survey design, but it couldn’t hurt. And I’d say don’t spam other makers, since it’s meant to be for LMN specifically.

that survey was purpose built to be answered by our members? o.0

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I think this was a good first attempt at a survey for 5th graders. I’ve worked with special ed 5th graders.

Hey all, I’m going to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is a public-facing forum. Let’s try and keep things respectful.


Seconding the above. Consider especially that this is a class who has been excited to work with us and that several of the members of the class might be our future members, and that disparaging special ed students (or anyone) really goes against what our community is trying to be.