Somebody took wood from my box?

I have a question about storage. I just became a member and I didn’t get a bin, so I brought my own box and put it next to the storage rack. I put a label on the box. But today I found that two pieces of walnut wood were missing from the box.
I’m sure somebody just thought it was nobody’s scrap wood, and I don’t mind sharing. I just want to make sure my stuff remains in my box in the future. Should I label every piece of wood there? Now I just put 4 labels on the box.

I brought my own plastic bin and put my wood in there with the top on and then I put the sticker on top. Any tall pieces I bring in I put a sticker on.


I’m sorry that happened. I’m sure it was a case of mistaken wood identity like you said.

If you need the walnut for a project you’re in the middle of, Macie and I went to Johnson’s Lumber yesterday and have some. Just message me and I’ll get it to you.

My wood has been found, it was mistaken for scrap wood indeed. I should label my stuff better :smile: Thanks for offering help Jody!

New empty bins arrived today. They’ll be next to the storage racks.