Soldering torch checkout request

Hi all, I’m hoping to schedule a checkout on the soldering torch in the jewelry area. Thanks!

Hey @emanne ! Sorry for the delay, do you still need this checkout? If so, I can help get it scheduled ASAP. Just let me know!

Hi @Jimmy, I do still need this checkout. Please let me know when we can schedule it!

May I join this checkout?

@jody , are there any times that might work for you this weekend?

Yes. I can do a checkout this Saturday the 8th at 7pm and on Sunday the 9th at 3pm.

I have the weekend afternoons and evenings mostly free so times are adjustable upon request.

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Hi, unfortunately I’ve had something come up and cannot come in today. Would next weekend be acceptable?

@emanne @Evelyn @Andy and anyone else.

I can do Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’m thinking 3pm Saturday. Does that work for y’all? 30-40 minutes. More than 4 people and I will split it into two checkouts.

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Alas, this weekend is shot for me. I’ll learn the torch another time

I have to switch that to Sunday at 3pm. Sorry something came up.


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