Silver Bells Activity @ CADL

We’re working with CADL this year for Silver Bells in the City to host some of the giant games and put together a make-and-take activity aimed at teens.

I’m looking for volunteers to help out on the night of the event. Friday, November 16th is the date of the parade. I’ll probably looking for help around 4-5pm to haul and setup. It looks like the event runs until 8:00 and then we’ll need help packing up and hauling back to LMN.

I’m not 100% settled on what the make and take will be yet, so if you have ideas, please shoot them my way. We’ve got ~$400 to play with for materials. I’m leaning towards electronics bc that tends to be an easy on-site activity, but I’m all ears for ideas from the other areas.

Once we settle on a make and take, I can only imagine they’ll be some prep work in the days leading up to the event, so even if you can’t help on the day, let me know if you’re interested!