Scroll Saw Check Out

Wondering if someone would be available to do a checkout on the scroll saw with me.

Hey Emily, I just saw that this request was overlooked. Are you still looking to get a scroll saw checkout?

Yes, that would be awesome.

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Emily, would you mind sharing your general availability? And @RealCarlRaymond , how soon do you think we could make one happen?

Hi Emily,
Sorry to keep you waiting. If evenings work for you, how about Thursday at 7:00pm?

Thursday at 7 is perfect! See you then.

Could I join you? I’ll be volunteering that time :slight_smile:
Thank you

Sure, no problem! :slight_smile:

may i also join? would really appreciate it :smiley:

going to have to miss this class tonight - i was potentially exposed to covid yesterday and i wont get my test results until tomorrow. stay safe everyone

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